Friday, January 2, 2015

It's a New Year...and a New Random Runner

It's 2015!!! It's time to make a fresh start. More importantly it's time to cut down on the randomness. 

2014 was a great year...filled with lots of change. If I had to sum it up into just a few highlights here are my Hits and Misses:

• Moved halfway across the country from Georgia to Oklahoma. More importantly I did it without losing my mind or drop-kicking one of my kids. 
• Participated in the Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon Relay. This has been on my bucket list for a while...and now I can finally say I did it!

• Bought these fancy new running shoes. Aren't they pretty?  I call them my purple pavement eaters. 

• Added Texas and Colorado to the list of states where I have run. 
• Joined the Y and tried out spinning and yoga classes. 
• Completed my first ever running streak of 32 days. That's right...I ran at least a mile a day for 32 days in a row. In the middle of summer. In the Oklahoma heat. (Some days I question my sanity) 

• Fell flat on my butt while running...for the first time. Honestly, I'm amazed this didn't happen before...I'm quite the clutz. After running exactly 0.16 miles on the San Antonio riverwalk I stepped in a whole and twisted my ankle.  
• Broke my toe. I'd love to say I was doing something exciting...but I was just putting away laundry. I've been telling my husband for years that housework can be deadly. I'll spare you the pictures. 
• Logged very few miles in my pretty new purple pavement eaters. Now that I'm working part time it's just harder to fit in a good run. Or a run around the block. Or a brisk walk to the mailbox. 
• Zero blog posts. Wow, that is TERRIBLE!  Another sign that some things need to change around here. 

Now it is 2015. A new year and a new start. A new chance to get back into running. To make sure I don't lose focus I've set a new goal. I signed up to run a half marathon in the Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon. My first half marathon EVER!  What have I gotten myself into?

I'll let you know how training's going to be an interesting 4 months!