Wednesday, September 4, 2013

August Adventures

Another month has come and gone.  August is always one of my favorites because the kids head back to school (though I didn't like part when I was a kid) and it's my Birthday.  The start of school means the start of scouts, dance class and sports.  It's been a marathon more ways than one.  Here's what I did  in August:

  • Ran a total of 46 miles
  • Walked over 16 miles
  • Biked more than 35 miles.
  • Bowled a 100 game...including a strike on my first ball.  (It went downhill after that.)
  • Began to plank
  • Climbed to the top of Stone Mountain...and back down without breaking an ankle.
  • Ran my first 5k in several months...and got a PR
  • Learned that Jillian Michaels is hard cord and insain.  I couldn't walk right for several days.
  • Had a random moment of insanity and ran up over 500 stairs
  • Realized planking is hard
  • Enjoyed the beginning of football season
  • Turned 29 for the ??th time.
  • Reached my weight loss goal.
  • Ran for 45 minutes with no breaks
  • Ran for 60 minutes with 2 short breaks.
  • Abandoned planking
  • Spent Labor Day weekend in Alabama and ran there for the first time.
I'm looking forward to a great September!
95 degrees and 95% humidity....
Brilliance is running towards
the goal of heat stroke.

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