Friday, September 20, 2013

My New Obsession

A few months ago I told you about my love of  running shorts.  Really, it's an obsession.  Well, I've discovered an new obsession:  running headbands.

I used to run with a narrow little headband, but that didn't keep my long bangs from flopping around and bothering me. Very annoying.  My next solution was a hat.  I love my dri-fit keeps my hair out of my way and wicks the sweat off my forehead.  So much better!

I thought the hat was the solution...until one day I was reading an article about running in heat and humidity.  This is Georgia, so I deal with both...lots of both.  The article pointed out that one way to stay cool is to not run with a hat, that way the heat could escape from your head.  Hmmmm...that makes lots of sense to me.  I could return to a headband...but that would mean I'd have to deal with the hair again.  What I really needed was a cute wide headband.

I looked at my local running store, but I couldn't find what I wanted.  That's my problem sometimes...what I'm looking for only seems to exist in my head.  (If only more people could read my mind...and sometimes try and interpret what's there...then my life would be sooooo much easier.)

My next stop was Pinterest.  Maybe someone there could organize my thoughts for me.  I found several instructions on how to make my own headbands (not exactly what I wanted...but there was lots of potential.)  That's right...I would have to get out the sewing machine and make one for myself.  I do own a sewing machine...even though it gets more use as a dust collector.
Sewing some OSU orange

I made a run to Hobby Lobby and found the perfect ribbon...sparkly silver 1" ribbon for the top side and 7/8" black felt for the bottom side (the felt keeps the headband from slipping.)  Since I don't sew much I'll let someone else explain how to make the headband...just click here to hear from Jamie at Sew Rockin'.  She knows what she's doing.
Just a few of my headbands

The first one I made was pretty pathetic...but I learned a lot (mostly what not to do.)  My second one turned out great!  I was on a role, so I made one for my daughter.  I still had enough felt ribbon to make one more, so I looked around the house for more ribbon.  I ended up with a cute red and white polka dot.

That was just the start.  I've restocked my ribbon supply and made several more headbands since then. I tried 1 1/2" make the headband wider.  It works okay...but I think I'll stick with the 7/8" for sits on my head better.  I think I've become addicted...or possibly obsessed.


Week(s) in Review

I'm sure you've noticed I've been a little MIA lately...these last few weeks have been a little more random than usual.  Here's a little look at what's been going on over the past few weeks:
Ready to run in Alabama...but sporting
my Oklahoma State shorts.

Saturday (8/31)
The last run of August.  We spent Labor Day weekend at the lake so I can now say I've run in Alabama!  I ran a total of 3.1 miles...and had a great view of the lake.

Sunday (9/1)
We took a family bike ride through Calloway Gardens.  It was a slow ride with the kids in tow (and a daughter scared of hills) there wasn't much cardio going on.  Great scenery though...I would highly recommend it!

Monday -Wednesday (9/2-9/4)
After getting back from the lake my first priority was getting ready for my daughter's birthday party...not working off all those extra holiday pounds.  Oops.  No time for exercise for a few days.

Thursday (9/5)
A great 50 minutes of total running to get me back into the swing of things.  That made my running distance 4.59 miles, and walk + run distance of 6.22 miles. I was still not working on burning off the holiday calories, but instead the cake scrap calories.

Nancy Drew Birthday cake.
The books were edible, the rest...not so much.
Friday (9/6)
More work on the big Birthday cake and party.

Saturday (9/7)
Party day!

Sunday & Monday (9/8 & 9/9)
Rest days...I know...again.  I'm wasn't feeling well, so that's my excuse.  Not a good one, but that's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Tuesday (9/10)
Bike day!  I rode my usual Tuesday 6 miles (6.26 to be exact).  I'm getting faster on my bike...not as fast as my hubby, but I have to start somewhere.  (Not to mention that he has a better bike too.)

Wednesday (9/11)
Rest Day

Thursday (9/12)
After a week off I finally ran again.  I do not recommend taking this much time between runs...but sometime life just works out that way.  Only 4.64 miles in 52 1/2 minutes.  (With that 1 minute walk mid-run, of course)  I was supposed to run 56 minutes...but with all those days off I just couldn't do it.  Lesson learned...don't ignore the run, or you'll regret it later.

Friday - Sunday (9/13-9/15)
It's the weekend!  Resting...yet again.  Yes, I call myself the Random Runner for a reason.

Couldn't have said it better myself.

Monday (9/16)
Finally getting back into a (somewhat) normal week.  My Monday run was awesome.  I set new records and completed my first Virtual run.  My total run was 5.42 miles in 60 minutes 20 seconds.  My total distance was 6.22 miles.  Almost to that elusive 10k!

Wednesday (9/17)
Walked all over the kid's school making copies and laminating.  I wish I'd worn my pedometer...I know I logged some serious miles.

Thursday (9/18)
Victory Day!  I pushed myself and ran a full 10k.  No stops, no walks.  Woohoo!!!  Can you tell I'm a little excited?

Friday (9/19)
It's a rest day.  I need to bask in the glory of yesterday's run.  I'm going to enjoy my victory again today...tomorrow I get out and run again.


  1. Love your handbands:) especially loving the sparkly orange one!!

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