Friday, August 30, 2013

It's My Birthday

When I moved to Georgia two years ago I was not running.  At all.  I ran a race on May 1st, and then stopped for a while because of knee pain.  Before we moved in July I only ran once or twice.  Once we moved I didn't even think about running.  If you've ever moved cross country, you know how hectic it can be.  If you haven't trust's a circus.  Getting the kids started in school while living in temporary housing, closing on a house after leaving one state, closing on a new house, dealing with financing people from some unknown location...and so on and so on.  There is no time to run, or think about running, or take a shower.

Once we moved into our new house and I got a majority of the junk stuff unpacked I decided it was time to start running again.  I chose lace up my shoes and hit the road on my Birthday.  What better day for a new beginning?  

Two years later it's my Birthday again. My Georgia runnaversary.  A lot has happened in the past two years.  I completed my first 5k without walking a step.  I've lost over 25 lbs (of course I gained half of that after I moved to Georgia).  I've become addicted to running shorts.  I've met wonderful friends.  I'm proud that running...even randomly...has become part of my life.

I think I need to go find some cake!

LOVE this as it is exactly what my birthdays are going to be from now on hahahaha (Thank you @Meghan W )  .....Happy Anniversary of Your 29th Birthday.

Week in Review

Post run pic with my fellow
"Where's the Finish" ladies...
and a couple of photobombers
  • Rest.  After running late the night before I needed a nap.  I always love my Sunday afternoon nap
  • 10k training run.  I woke up to temperatures in the low 60s.  Hallelujah!  Today I was scheduled to run 3 segments of 18 minutes each.  As I ran the first two I was feeling really good.  I started the third still feeling great.  I'm sure the sports beans I had just eaten helped me out there.  I finished, but I didn't want to stop.  I ended up running an extra 6 minutes.  That means I ran a full 60 minutes, with only 2 minutes of walking. It's amazing what cooler temps will do for you.  My running distance was 5.39 miles.  For all you fellow math geeks that's 87% of a 10k.  What a way to start my week!
  • Short 6.11 mile bike ride.  No big hills this week, but I did learn how to put my chain back on when it slipped off.  I need to start riding with some hand wipes, just in case my hands get all greasy again.
  • Reached my goal weight!!!!!!!!!!
  • Hump Day....and rest day
  • 10k training run.  Not as cool today as Monday...but I had a shorter run on my plate.  Only two 22 minute extra running this time. My running distance was 4 miles, and my total distance was 6.23 miles.  Not bad...I just did what I was supposed to do.  
  • Celebrating my Birthday and Georgia runnaversary by taking the day off.  I've just got too much going on today to fit it in.  Some days it's wonderful to be random.
  • Random fact of the day:  I was born on the Friday of Labor Day weekend...and so was my daughter.

Have a great holiday weekend!!!

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