Thursday, July 11, 2013

I Love Running Because...

Someone asked me why I run.  I'm still working on that post...but in the mean time let me tell you one of my favorite things about running.  I love running because...of the shorts.

I call these my Candy Crush shorts.  Any guesses why?
Running shorts are by far the most comfortable piece of clothing I own.  I love to throw them on when I'm just going to be hanging out around the house. I wear them as often as possible.  How do I love them?  Let me count the ways:
  1. Let's start with the elastic waist.  No buttons, no zippers, no judgment about how much ice cream I ate last night. 
  2. They are lightweight.  They're not bulky, so I can easily move around.  That's great for cleaning, doing laundry, or just lying on the couch with a good book.  As a bonus I can bump up the AC a few degrees.  See...running can save me money.
  3. They remind me of college.  College was a carefree time in life where looks didn't matter that much.  I could go to class in my comfy Umbros or Eskimo Joe's shorts and a big t-shirt...and I often did.  If only I still had my Birkenstocks...
  4. People assume you're athletic.  This morning I took my daughter to dance camp.  The mom in front of us was wearing her running clothes.  I can only assume that she was headed to the gym or to another athletic activity.  Why else would she be dressed that way?  I'm sure she was thinking the same thing about me.
  5. They make great pajamas.  I have two my days of lacy PJs are over.  These days I prefer something practical...and that means running shorts and a t-shirt.  I'm comfy...and I'm prepared for those night when I have to go running through the house to deal with bad dreams, monsters, or my worst fear...vomit.
  6. The are not boring.  Running shorts come in every color of the rainbow...and with all kinds or great patterns.  I have a couple pairs with wild patterns that I LOVE.  My husband cringes when I wear them...but I don't care.  It's a great way to show some personality.
Looking at this picture I suddenly realize that at some point I must have crossed the line from love to obsession. Maybe I need professional help...I'll let you debate that. I am happy to say that there are 2 sizes here...because some of my shorts have gotten a little BIG for me. Soon I hope to get rid of some of the larger ones.

Right now Nike Tempo shorts are my favorite...I like the way they fit.  (I only own 11 pairs.). Unfortunately, they're also expensive.  It makes my day when I can find a pair on clearance...and that's where some of those wild prints have come from.  I have a couple pairs of other brands that I wear...but they're not my favorites.  They usually come out only when the others are all dirty. 

Yes, I always have Stacy and Clinton from "What Not to Wear" hanging out in the back of my head telling me that I shouldn't wear them in public.  Most days (99% 90% of the time) I follow their rules and just keep the running shorts for actual exercise and around the house.  But...I have to admit I cheat every once and a while and wear them to run errands.  (That's a form or running...right?)  

Some days it's because I just feel like it.  Why take off the most comfortable clothes ever invented and put on something else?  Occasionally it's because I'm in the middle of a project and I need to run out and buy something to finish the job.  I just don't want to take the time. Sometimes it's just by accident.  Yesterday I went out to pick up My daughter from dance camp.  My plan was to walk into the studio, get her, and then go back home.  On the way I realized that I needed to go to Walmart...and I needed to go now.  No time to change.  Oh well...comfy it is!

I suggest everyone own at least one pair of running shorts.  Maybe you'll run in them, maybe you won't...but I guarantee you'll love them!

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