Monday, July 8, 2013

Back in the Saddle Again

Vacation is over. It's been a full 11 days since I've laced up my running shoes. (Okay...that's not entirely true. I wore them the last day of our camping trip after we packed up all our gear in the pouring rain and my other shoes were soaked through.  I did not, however, run a step...not even when there was still shopping to do and the outlet mall closed way too early).

11 days...that's a long time to not run. Today I was determined to make the full distance!  Before I started I checked the temperature on the back porch.  Only 71...great!  I looked outside.  It was still pretty cloudy and early enough in the day that there was lots of shade.  Wonderful!  I did not, however, check my weather app.  I knew what I would find...and actually seeing it would put a damper on my run. 

I put on my gear and headed out.  I ran my usual route through the neighborhood.  I had my usual running music playing.  A couple times I felt like stopping, but I knew I would be posting a blog entry today and I wanted to say I finished...and I did.  In fact I had one of the best times that I've had in a long time.  (I'm assuming it's because of all the carbs in last night's pizza.)

Once I finished I looked at my weather app and confirmed what I had suspected all along.  Can you see it? about now?'s humid.  My glasses fogged over less than a mile into the run. At this point I was happy about two things:  1) my running skirt has pockets; 2) my eyesight is not that bad and I could still function without my glasses. The humidity might not be so bad if it didn't rain EVERY night...but this moisture just won't go away.  I think there are some people around here preparing to build an ark...and I'm thinking about joining them. (That concludes our ADD detour for today.)

Anyway...back to running.  I finished my run.  I'll run again later this week...when depends on how my legs feel.  I'll leave you with something to was my ascent 56 feet greater than my descent, when I started and stopped in the exact same spot?  I guess that will be a topic for another post.  Happy Monday!

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