Monday, July 15, 2013

Random Thoughts

Today was not a good run.  I don't even want to talk about it. is a list of my random thoughts and observations during my run:

     1.  It's crape myrtle season.  They are blooming all over the place in my neighborhood.  White, purple, red and about 20 shades of pink...I love them all.

     2.  Everyone's yard looks bad...too much rain. Centipede grass doesn't like all this water and so it's in rebellion. It makes me feel better about my sorry yard. (End of rant)

     3.  I saw a bunny chasing some birds.  Cute little bunny.

     4.  I started raining (okay, maybe it was just sprinkling) right after "Singing in the Rain" came on my iPod.  I'm sure I've run to that song before, but the only other time I remember it was crossing the finish line of the 5K of the Oklahoma City Memorial the rain.  Things that make you go hmmmmm.

     5.  They just added a street that connected the two halves of our neighborhood.  Our half has lots of trees, the other doesn't.

     6.  To quote my neighbor, "It's a muggy as a sauna"

     7.  The hoarder's house is on the market again.  I saw the inside of the house when my daughter sold them Girl Scout cookies.  It wasn't as bad as some of the houses you see on TV, but they were hoarders.  Someone bought the house, fixed it up (this year we sold cookies to some of the trim carpenters) and it's on the market again.

     8.  A bluejay buzzed me. (He was probably a little further away, but my depth perception is off without my glasses...see #6)

     9.  There is a fire hydrant behind the fence on the outside of the neighborhood.  I'm no expert, but I'm pretty sure that one's going to be pretty useless.

     10.  Gnats love me when I'm sweaty.

     11.  Even with all the rain (and even during the rain), people still have their sprinkler systems on.  Why?

     12.  I love these flowers.  They are a welcome sight at the end of my run.

     13.  13 is an unlucky number. 

     14.  Standing in the rain feels good after a run.

I hope you have a great Monday...stay dry if you can!

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