Friday, August 16, 2013

A Rain-Filled Furlough Friday

Yesterday morning it started raining.  Since then there have been a few moments of no rain, but it's mostly alternated between a nice gentle sprinkle and raining cats and dogs. As I've said before...I'm more of a perfect weather runner.  A small sprinkle doesn't bother me, if fact, it feels kinda good.  Rain on the other hand...I avoid like the plague.

I decided that since it was raining (hard) I would head up to base and run on the treadmill at the gym.  As soon as I pulled into the long line going through the gate I remembered it's furlough Friday.  That means the gym annex is closed, and there are limited hours at the main gym.  When you add the rain into the mix it means there were a LOT a people there today.

First, I had to park at the back of the parking lot.  I normally don't mind the extra walk, but it was still raining.  I'm just glad I chose to wear flip-flops, not my running shoes.  Second, once I got into the gym (only 20 minutes after it opened) ALL of the treadmills were in use.  I lurked around behind a couple of the machines and fortunately someone finished in a matter of minutes.  I guess I looked creepy enough in my lurking that he decided to give up.

After I patiently waited for him to clean up all his sweat (time well spent) I was ready to run.  My goal today was 45 minutes straight.  No breaks, no walks, nothing but running. Last week I'd made deal with myself that I couldn't get my hair highlighted until I ran 45 minutes straight...and today seemed like a good day.  After all, my knees were feeling good, I was out of the rain, and there was no sunshine to zap my energy.

I plan on having such an awesome run Morgan Freeman should narrate it! #funny #running

Usually I prefer to run outside instead of treadmill, but there are pros and cons to the machine:

  • I can set my speed and keep myself from running out of steam from going too fast.
  • No bright sun and obscene humidity.
  • No hills to run up (unless I want to create one...yeah right.)
  • I can watch TV.
  • There's a handy little cup holder for my water bottle.
  • There is a place to hang your towel...which I, of course, forgot.
  • No cars to dodge
  • Temperature controlled environment
  • No hills to run down.  You can change the slope of a treadmill, but you can't make it downhill.  I think treadmill designers should work on that...they might get a lot more use that way.
  • No breeze from the wind
  • No errant sprinklers to cool you off
  • Wiping the sweat off your face with a towel is frowned upon...not that it stopped me.
  • No trees, flowers, birds, squirrels or squished frogs to look at.
  • I feel like a hamster on a wheel.
  • No fresh air.
  • I have to get in my car and drive there...polluting the fresh air.
Anyway...I'd still rather be outside.  I'm just glad the gym is there as a plan B.  Otherwise, today would have been another rest day...and since I'm eating pizza for dinner tonight I don't need another rest day.

I set my speed a little slower than normal so that I wouldn't run out of gas.  I had my favorite running mix going, and I was watching SportsCenter.  Time just seems to go by soooo ssslllooowwwlllyyyyy.  I guess maybe I should have gone a little faster, because I kept running into the bar at the front of the treadmill.  Oops!  

Near the end of the first 30 minutes I began to wonder if I was going to make it...but I kept thinking about my hair.  I reminded myself how bad my split ends are and how much my roots need a touch-up.  That gave me the strength to keep going.  I did it...I ran for 45 minutes!  My longest run ever!!!  Woohoo!

As I began my cool down I took off my glasses to wipe the sweat off my face.  Before I knew it I had lost a screw and my lens was on the floor.  Good thing I ordered new glasses yesterday. 


Week in Review

  • Rest day!  (Unless you count the several hours we spent walking around the mall.)
  • No plank...we were out of town and I forgot
  • Walked 2.5 miles climbing to the top of Stone Mountain.  (Read the adventure here)
  • 1 minute plank
  • Back to 10k training. This run didn't goes as well as planned, but the hot sun and humidity did me in.  I ran a total of 4.2 miles in 46 min (with walking breaks.)  My total distance was 6.2 miles.  That's right, a 10k baby!
  • 1 minute plank
  • Not much time to exercise today, so I rode my bike 6.32 miles.  Still loving my poopy shorts.
  • 1 1/2 minute plank
  • More 10k training, and nice cloudy weather. I ran exactly what was in my extra breaks needed.  It helped that I ran the last part downhill...but I was still running.  I ran a total of 4.14 in 45 minutes.  With walks my total distance was again 6.2 miles.
  • 1 1/2 minute plank
  • Rest day
  • 30 second plank.  I guess I rested too much today because I just couldn't plank any more.
  • 1 1/2 minute plank
  • Ran 45 minutes with no stops for a distance of 4.05 miles.
Wow, two weeks of Monday, Wednesday, Friday running.  If I keep this up I'll have to change my name to the Regular Runner...but I don't think that will happen.

Have a great weekend!

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