Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Medals, and Medals, and Medals...Oh My!

Several weeks ago I told you that I registered for a virtual marathon, the Joggermom Marathon Cancer Run 2013.  This is my first virtual run...and I'm pretty pumped.

Today I was looking at Facebook and I found a group for virtual races, called Virtual Runs!.  That's all it is...a way to connect runners with virtual races.  I could not believe how many virtual races there are out there.  Each one is being put on to benefit a different charity organization.

The best part about all these virtual runs is the medals.  I'm not a fast runner...so the chance of me earning a medal in a race (unless it is a finisher's medal) is pretty much slim to none.  So...I've discovered this is the way to fill up my medal holder.  After all, having a lot of medals just makes me look like I am a fast runner.

There are so many awesome medals for virtual races that I just want to jump in there and register for each and every one of them.  After all...the money is going to a good cause...right?  How can I really turn down the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, the Wounded Warrior Project, Alzheimer's Association or the many others I saw.  How can I live without the Ugly Christmas Sweater medal or the Unleash Your Inner Wonder Woman medal.  I must have them.

Most of these virtual races are focused on fundraising...so as long as you move (run, walk, cycle, swim) the 5k, 10k, 13.1 or 26.2 (they usually let you choose the distance) they are fine with it.  (Each one will post it's official "rules" so you know what you're getting yourself into before you plop down your cold hard cash.). They just want to create a fun way to collect donations.  Many of the races are limited in number, so they quickly sell out.  Most of the virtual races cost $15 - $30, so they are affordable (unless, of course, you feel motivated to register for them all.)

So, if you're new to running (or have been running for a long time) and you are looking for a way to increase your "bling" you should register for a virtual race.

If you don't run but you can walk or ride a bike, you should enter a virtual race.

If you just like supporting a good cause and getting a fancy medal for your effort you should enter a virtual race.

Just don't be surprised when you're eating raman noodles because you've spent all your money on virtual races.  Just don't blame me... I'm only the messenger.

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