Thursday, August 8, 2013

New Shorts...Wahoo!!!

A few weeks ago I discovered that I am addicted to running shorts. I have way too many pairs, and I wear them all the time. When my husband read this post he banned my from buying any more shorts...and honestly I can't blame him.

This week I bought some new shorts. I didn't break any rules, however, because these are not running shorts. I'm pretty sure they would not be comfortable to run in...but it would get the whole neighborhood rolling on the street laughing.

Clothes shopping has dwindled to buying athletic shorts, collecting T-Shirts from 5K races and wondering how the hell I will afford another pair of running shoes.

This time I bought some biking shorts. I'm talking about those tight little spandex shorts.  I needed a pair because they have extra padding in the areas bikers need it most. I know I have a nicely padded bike seat and God (and pizza, Coke, Girl Scout cookies, etc.) has given me a lot of padding on my backside, but after riding for a while it just starts to hurt.

My husband has a similar pair of shorts, and our kids love to laugh at us when we wear them.  They say it looks like we pooped in our shorts (so very attractive).  They've even started calling them our "poopy pants."  I love to put them on and get as close to the kids as I can...they run away screaming.  After all, kids need a little torture every now and then.

Today I put them on and headed out for my first ride with my brand new shorts. (Don't worry, I still hold tight to the belief that no one needs to ever see me in spandex in I threw a pair of my favorite running shorts on top). What a difference a little padding makes!  My backside was very thankful.

Unfortunately I only had time to ride for 30 minutes, so my next ride will be the true test.  I expect to feel like I'm sitting on a cloud the whole time.  Okay, not really...but if I'm in less pain than previous rides the shorts are worth it.

Here's a lesson I learned from a good friend (I'll be nice and not name any names).  If you are buying bike shorts you want to get shorts with padding, not gel.  My friend (to make it easier I'll just call him Paul) went on a long ride recently.  After about 50 miles, Paul noticed that his gel was not as comfy as it has once been.  Once he finished the whole 100 miles he realized that he had less gel than he started out with.  Paul has no idea where it went or how it disapeared.  Now, this should not be a problem for me because there is no way I'll ever bike that far at one time...but I'm not taking any chances.

I enjoyed my 6.4 miles today, and I'm glad I had my shorts.

Maybe I can talk my hubby into letting me get some more running shorts this weekend...after all they're on sale, and they're tax free.   

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