Friday, August 23, 2013

It's Race Time

Summer is coming to a close...and that means race season is upon us.  There aren't too many races in the's just too hot around here.  Soooooo...I'm kickin' in back into gear tomorrow night at the Mid-State Road Race.

It's been a couple of months since my last race...but fortunately I've become a stronger runner since then.  I just hope the nightly rain stays away...because I'm not a rainy weather kinda runner.

Every time I go to a race there are a variety of thoughts and emotions going through my head:
  • I'm excited...races are a blast!  The crowd, the atmosphere and the swarm or racers make 
  • I'm's a night race.  I'm a morning runner...and this race doesn't start until 8 PM.  What do I eat and when so that my stomach won't get upset?  Will I have enough energy left at the end of the day?  What will we eat after the race?
  • I'm nervous...I hope I don't fall on my face.  I'm always a little nervous before a race...even though I know it's just for fun.  
  • I'm in pain...I stubbed my toe today.  Right now it's a lovely shade of purple...but at least it matches my nail polish.
Of course, I'll post again after the race.  I'm excited this is my first race since I started I'll pass on all the excitement.


Week in Review

  • Rest
  • Rest (This weekly report isn't starting off well...)
  • Back to my 10k training program.  Not a good run at all!  First it was humid, then it was raining, and then my stomach started to hurt.  I was only able to run 37 of the 51 minutes I was supposed to run.  I didn't get too upset...because a couple months ago I couldn't even run 37 minutes.  Progress is progress.  I did complete 3.3 miles, plus an extra 2.47 walking.  It will get better!
  • Another busy morning, so only a 6.5 mile bike ride.  I learned something this morning.  There is one hill I want to stay away from at all costs!  It was so hard to ride up that I almost got off and walked.  I think that would have been faster.  I'll just avoid that street in the future!!!
  • Rest (This is beginning to be a theme...and not a good one)
  • An excellent running day!  I completed my 10k training...three sets of 17 minute runs.  I love it when I have a great run...the rest of my day goes by so much better.  In 51 minutes of running I covered 4.65 miles.  That's roughly 7.5k...3/4 of the way to my goal.  I'm getting there.  
  • Rest.  No running the day before a race...I have to make sure I save all my energy and rest my legs so I can be at my best.  
Now I'm sure you've noticed that something's missing.  I haven't mentioned planking...not one little bit.  Well...I'm not doing so well there. According to the plan I should be planking for something like 3 minutes by now. I'm still stuck on 1 I'm just hanging out there until further notice. This one month plan may just drag out to 5 or 6 months. 

Every. Single. Night. But I'm getting better!

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