Friday, August 2, 2013

July Journey

July is over.  What a month!  This was the first full month I've been writing this blog.  So far I've had over 900 page views.  That means that a lot of you are reading my blogs, or I have a stalker out there somewhere.

Today I looked back at my posts over the last month as well as the summaries from my running app.  Here's what happened in July 2013:

  • Ran a total of 32.78 miles
  • Walked a total of 8.6 miles
  • Biked a total of 17 miles
  • Ran on the beach for the first time
  • Biked with crying children on Hilton Head Island
  • Lost 3 pounds
  • Tried my first yoga class
  • Signed up for my first marathon (okay, month long virtual marathon)
  • Tubed a freezing cold river 
  • Discovered I am obsessed with running shorts

    I'm looking forward to what August will bring!  What will you accomplish this month?

    I ran 3 miles this morning,so if I did my math correctly, I'm entitled to eat 3 pounds of pie today.

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